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motherboard kaputt ?

Whats wrong  BIOS battery went flat (0,05 v)
motherboard is MSI 6120 dual slot 1 intel bx
fans starts on power up but nothing else is
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3 Solutions
Make sure that all connections within the computer are connected tightly and that nothing has been knocked loose.

Have you added anything lately software/hardwary, or did this problem just start out of the blue?

Do any lights on any of the drives turn on?
you say bios battery is flat...hmmm have you replaced it?

If your Bios is flat, the Battery could be
1. Empty (you can leave the PC running for awhile
           and check again.)
2. Kaputt (you can verify this by replacing this item
           with absolutely the same model)
3. Use an external Battery (special model for pc)
   there is an external socket to plug in a Batteryunit
   (4pins connector residing near the battery)
   they come in verious forms (solidsealed, AA 1.5 holders)
Check your settings in the BIOS and SAVE them
Restart your computer and verify the BIOS
(do not turn the PC off =>Warmboot)

Repeat The Bios setting And Turn the PC OFF (Coltboot)
after 20 seconds turn it on again.
if the Data after 20 seconds is lost the power to the
BIOS chip is faulty
1. The Battery is Lost
2. The Bios-chip is Lost (the data is also lost after doing probe 1)
3. The Motherboard is Faulty
Only by restoring the Battery and/or the Chip can tell
if the Board is Faulty.
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Replace battery - $2 or so. Then boot the system with nothing but CPU, Memory and Video.
If it POST's correctly then add back the rest of your stuff.
If it doesn't POST, remove the Video. Power on, it should beep if the video card is dead.
If it doesn't remove the memory. It will beep with power on if the memory is dead.
If it doesn't then remove the CPU and power on. It should beep if the CPU was dead or if it doesn't beep the Mobo is dead.
Note: This will only work with some sort of Speaker in the system!
plotAuthor Commented:
I hawe replaced battery nothing
I hawe used five different video cards nothing
I hawe used tre different power units nothing
It does not beeb and it went out off oder
from working power down ...storage some weeks
and then it was not working
bios battery was flat
same motherboard is hard to obtain in Finland
dual slot 1 whit scsi 7895 controller
I hawe tried buy a msi 6117 dual slot 1
but whit lx or fx chip not bx  no luck
So it doesn't beep when it has no memory, no video card and no CPU installed. If this is correct then yes your motherboard is Kaputt...
No comment has been added lately, so it's time to clean up this TA.
I will leave a recommendation in the Cleanup topic area that this question is:
Accept Solaris2003's comment as an answer.
Please leave any comments here within the next four days.


Radomir Jordanovic
EE Cleanup Volunteer
Why are you going to accept an answer that did not solve the problem?

while solaris2003 had some info about changing out the battery this was not really anything about a abttery cahnge and did nothing for narrowing down the issue

my point is that i could go into a long dissertation on the benifits of strong power supplies, and while this may be interesting stuff and could benifit the user it really has nothing to do with solving the problem.

i reccommend that you split points between stretchsp and mchieff as they were more helpful in narrowing down the user's system problem


Yeah, now that I've reread the question, I understand that you're right and the points will be split as suggested.  I am currently on a new list and on top of it is the changed recommendation.
plotAuthor Commented:
2 x 500 internal server error
have you virus infecton going there
plotAuthor Commented:
split the points problem getting here
one of msi 6120 prosessors
burned up over +100 C under 5 sek
in a asus mother board
msi still not working...i have moved
to 1 cpu computers and non integreited scsi controllers
So, what do you suggest?  A refund?

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