Send and Receive Custom Forms

What I am trying to do:
Create a custom form in Outlook2000, that I can send to team members and have them respond with that same custom form to me.
For example, I imagine creating a form with my own defined fields "My text field 1", "My text field 2", "My date field 1", etc.
When I send an email, the recipient would open the email and see this form, fill out the form and send it back to me.

Is this something that is possible? If so, where do I start? I have created some forms, and when I receive them, I do see the form, but when I hit reply - I lose the form.

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I would create your own custom button on the form that would force the creation of a new "custom" form.
You could start by creating the form in Word using controls from the Control Toolbox toolbar. Then click File>Send To>Mail Recipient. This should send the complete form to the mail recipients that you specify and should not disappear when they reply.

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In the form design go to the action tab. This shows you which form is used when the user clicks reply/reply to all/forward etc. You can either change these to pick up you form or disable these options and create your own that pick up your form (I prefer this second way)

NOTE: the forms must be stored in a directory that the users can reference, so either send each user the form to publish in there personal library or publish it to the Organisational library.

Good luck
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Are you working on an Exchange Server or would you like to send your custom forms to other Outlook users on the internet.
In the second situation, you should always enable RTF for the recipients, enable sending form with definition on the property tab of the form in design mode. the recipients should publish your form with the same messageclass in theier personal forms library.
bthewsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the comments, it looks like this sort of thing is not possible the way I wanted it to work.
Even if the sender and the recipient have the custom form, when the recipient hits the reply button, it seems like the custom forms always get "pushed down" in the email response, making room for the reply.
I was hoping, I guess, that we could just pass the form back and forth, but when hitting reply - it's like the email system "appends" the new message on top of the old form.
I am sure this is by design - because most of the time I like the system functioning this way - it's just in this case, when I hit reply - I don't want a new space for a reply - I want to use the original form that was sent.
Hey bthews,

on the action tab in form design mode you can create an own action with your own form. if you choose the same messageclass all values of the fields will set to the new item in the same form. take care with compose and read mode of the form.
Check the "Characteristics of the new form" in the actions tab is set to  DO not include original message. This seams to work for us.

Note: Any completed fields that you sent to the recipent (or that the recipient added on the read page and saved)will be populated with those values when the form is reopened for the reply
In your custom form disable the tool and menu bars, and create a button on your form for replies (see aeklund's comment).  THat button should 1.  Open a new form in the background, 2.  use the values in your form to populate the reply, 3.  Make the new form visible and close the original
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