cannot connect to ssl site with PPPOE (dsl connection)

I cannot connect to an https site using my existing sbc (ppoe) dsl connected to a linksys wireless router.  I tried the router on a comcast (cable modem) connection and it works fine.  I just cant seem to get it to work with with PPPoE connection.  

Do you think its a problem with the router configuration or could it be the configuration of the secure site?
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The configuration of the secure site doesn't know if you're connecting with PPPoE or via cable, so it must be a configuration problem with your router.
In order to "debug" the problem from your PC,
try: "C:\>telnet <hostname> 443"
You'll see if you can connect to the server (you'll see the screen will go blank), or if the server is unreachable ("Connect Failed", but after a rather long time), or if the server rejected your attempt ("Connect Failed", but after a short period of time).


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What kind of router? DSL with PPPoE has a few extra bytes of packet overhead, add SSL encryption to that, and you may be bumping into a MTU size issue. If your router supports it, change the MTU size to 1492 to prevent packet fragmentation
dainese51Author Commented:
MTU size is 1492.  The router Im using is a linksys wireless router 802.11B.  I've seen this problem with a netgear router as well.  We are both using SBC PPPoE connection.  

I will try the telnet to see what the root of the problem is.


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