HP CDr overburning

I've got an external HP CD writer, 8200 series (8230f maybe?). And I have about 20 GB of unbelievably boring video footage (public hearings, alderman speeches, and the like) in various lo-res formats, mostly in .avi saved by someone else. I've got to back these up on CD, never to be seen again. Each of these files are at least 500 mb, and some are too big to put on a CD, but I'm not going to spend hours with a video editor cutting and rendering. I'm perfectly happy if the ends get cut off.

The CD writer won't even start if the file is too big (over 701 mb in these cases). Can I override this? Is there some simple file editor which will chop off the end of the data without the endless rendering process? (I'm thinking of something here like when I download an mp3 and it fails midway, I can still listen to the first half of the song)
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Do the files need to be stored as .avi?
Can you compress them first?
try to put them into a zip file even if the zip file only holds one piece of video footage

Or you could try this link.  There are multiple tools that look good.  I have never used any of them but "Ulead GIF Animator 5.0"  &   "DVDCutter Stream and MP3CDWav Converter 3.3"  look promising
vnuevaAuthor Commented:
I tried compression with winrar and a few zip programs, but they only cut about 5% of the size, and will take about an hour to do 300mb, so that's not a great longterm plan. Video editors are even slower at converting, although avi to asf seems to cut the size in half. Truncating the ends would let me throw in a disk and be done with it quickly. Otherwise, it will be a dull month for a summer intern. Thanks

Try using WinAce. You can set the file size in this program. There is an option where you "split" the files into segments of a user determined maximum. Set this to 700MB or so and it'll split the files to CD sized chunks. I'm not sure if you can unzip (unace if you will) with only one part of the file though, so you may need to burn both parts of the split. I have used this to split a 900MB movie i needed to take home and it worked great. As you said though compression is not very good so just set it to fastest so it takes the least time.

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vnuevaAuthor Commented:
sort of worked, I used a different winrar with self-extraction to split the files, which only took about 10 min per gig to compress. when I reextract, sometimes the partial stood alone, sometimes it failed. I couldn't find any pattern to the success though. But thanks.
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