Need Apache to serve purchased Domain Name

I am running Windows XP, Apache 2, and have bought a domain name from
when I type in my domain name in IE's url,'s deafult page comes up.  I need to know how to link my domain name to my apache server so I can host the site from my computers server.  I am hooked up to a network with a cable modem and a linksys 4 way router.  I do not wish to use DMZ i found it exposes me way too much.
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ag0nyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a DNS issue. You need to configure the DNS servers of the domain.

- Easy solution

Some domain registrars offer free DNS services. From a control panel in their site you can configure IPs of the hosts in your domain. Modify the hosts to point to your IP.

But many domain registrars DO NOT offer DNS services. This takes us to the...

- Not so easy solution

Install a DNS server in your machine. And configure your domain on it, with the host entries pointing to your IP address. Then go to your domain registrar's control panel and modify the DNS server: now it must be set to the IP of the computer where you installed  your DNS server.

And don't forget that DNS changes usually take around 24-48 hours to be effective.
Try, I have same set up as you, and thats what I did. It does take about 48 hours.

qbawler311Author Commented:

I have overcome the problem since I posted the question, since you answered most of the questions right I will give you the points.  Besides using Godaddy's DNS service to forward/mask my domain name to my server I also had to configure the router to Forwrd port 80 from the WAN to LAN IP address.  Once I did both of these things it worked.  Thanks for your help.:)
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