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Hi, question for you guys.  I work for a grocery store chain with 6 stores and a central office.  What I would like to do is subnet the stores and the central office
  192.168.1.x - Central Office
  192.168.2.x - Store 1
  192.168.3.x - Store 2

My question is how to go about allowing each subnet to see eachother.  
Right now everyone is under the 192.168.1.x subnet.  We are expanding and require more node entries.  We have layer 2 switches at central office to connect everyone.  The stores are on frame relay using two micom routers at the office.  Thx for the help.
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silvam23Author Commented:
my reason for subnetting as I stated was the fact that we are expanding but also to lighten up traffic which has been a problem as of late.
Yes, traffic across your frame-relay must be outrageous if you are all on the same subnet and just bridging across. Subnetting is a good thing. You might have to change the routers from bridge mode to router mode. Be careful because you might have additional traffic that needs to be bridged (SNA, POS, IPX, etc) over the WAN.

Your subnet idea is right on the money, but again, there are many other things to consider and plan before putting this into motion. You might want to consider new routers, bigger bandwidth with DSL/VPN combination. Lots of possible ways to go about it depending on budget, security requirements, traffic other than TCP/IP, etc.

Like it was said above your right on track, you might
if your bridging is no longer needed look closer at the Routing protocol.  Depending on what is all in your network
and how your subnetting EIGRP is good for a mixed environment, but will only work on Cisco Routers.
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silvam23Author Commented:
Thanks for the replys.  I have been doing some research and I am looking to cut back on protocols and relying on tcp/ip as the sole protocol.  Our micom routers are in fact just bridging, but they do have the potential route so once we layout the network infrastructure we can setup those micoms to route traffic from the stores.  

I am looking to get a router among some managed dell switches.  We have a asdl line for the internet at the central office that is shared amongst the office and the stores.  Any suggestions on which router for a medium size company, with some future vpn capabilities.
Router for Internet access that I would suggest is Cisco 2610. It makes good screening router and has the horespower to expand. Add a Cisco PIX Firewall between the router and the LAN, and you have everything you need. Suggest the 515E Restricted model:

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silvam23Author Commented:
Thanks lrmoore. I have a lot of thinking to do. I am looking to upgrade the switches, buy a router and go the vlan route. we will see how things go :)
FYI, the new PIX 6.3 supports VLAN's, the new 2610XM now supports vlans with 10/100 ports vs the older 2610 with 10Mb only. Add a 2950 switch, and you have everything you need.

Good luck with your project!
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