Misconfigured RAID 5 Volume

Hi guys, I have a Compaq Tasksmart 2400N and tried to expand the array (4 x 18.2) to (8 x 18.2) this was all good the Compaq Array Utility had the expand array option which is all good, the array and volume (E:) was still there data and all, the machine stayed like that till the next re-boot then the volume (E:) dissapeared, first port of call being the SANdisk snapshot manager to check the pool and subsequent virtual disk...ahh problem the SANdisk software reports an error and does not see the old pool/virtual disk, this is where my problems began so being mindful that I had the previous days backup I went back to the trusty compaq array utility removed the last four members and deleted/re-created the array, this was fine went into SANdisk re-created a new pool (same size as before) great!! no it appears that backup had not run for 4 weeks!! panic has now taken hold and my manager instantly starts to turn grey, I have tried to ask compaq on this (why bother!) so I have a new empty volume and I can use stuff like recover it all from dti recovery but although the file/folder structure looks ok when the files are recovered they are all just garbage, being a raid 5 volume I guess the data is spread across the drives, I want to know if i can either restore the old volume or recover the data from the volume itself.please my managers hair and my current job depend on it.. thanks guys
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dfletcherAuthor Commented:
PS dont tell me about professional data recovery services at £2000 for diagnostics and £12,000 to £25,000 for recovery this just isnt an option, so no copping out.
I can assume that the operating system does support Raid 5.
I think your safest soultion to this might be to ensure the you have a good Back up of the data, add your new drives to the array and format the array Like it was a new drive array.  As raid 5 can use from 3 to 32 drives most
Times it is created with the number that you have in mind ie you used 4 so it works Like this  4 drives 1 for parity and 3 for data useage so your effective drive size
Is 54gig and is format as such when the array is created....
dfletcherAuthor Commented:
Hi, Unfortuneately I dont have the luxury of a recent backup so the only option is to try and recover whatever data I can from the array the guys at compaq reckon that a delete and re-create of the array and pool/vdisk should show all the original data as was but this is not the case. Like I said this is a compaq tasksmart 2400n and runs 2000 advanced as standard but the partition must be created by compaqs own software.
Any joy?

Whoever told you to initialise a new array on top of the old one ought to be shot unless they told you to take the original drives out and put new blank ones in first - of course it is seen as a blank disk, how else could you initilaise a new volume ontop of second hand disks? The array config is stored part on the motherboard, part on the controller and part in the drives metadata, it ought to have given you an error at bootup saying the data about the array config on the disks mismatched that on the drives and let you choose between the two. Looks like you just rewrote the drive metadata to match the controller!

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dfletcherAuthor Commented:
Thanks You have confirmed what I found out.
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