Map network drive from dos, error 53: the computer name specified in network path cannot be located

OK, I am trying to use a dos boot disk to map to a shared directory on an xp box
auto exec.bat
a:\net\net start
net use z: \\computer\directory

It logs on to domain fine, when net use runs I get "error 53: The computer name specified in the network path cannot be located."

when I map to the drive from gui in 98 or command promopt from GUI it works fine.

net bios to tcp/ip is enabled on XP machine

The problem is intermitant we have got it to work before

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I think you have to install NetBEUI on the XP box so that your dos boot floppy can see it.

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Hm, could be name resolution, I guess.  What do you do for resolution in your network?  To test, try net use \\ipaddress\directory instead of \\computername\directory.  If it works, I'd say you've found the problem.
you dont have the XP firewall enabled do you?
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Sounds like a name resolution issue.

IP addresses are not valid when used with the dos client.  Quick work around is to create a "lmhosts" on the boot disk.  Same location on the disk as the network files, etc


aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd    servername
aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd    dc_name    #PRE #DOM:domain


Last line is optional.  Dos Client seems to know where Wins and DNS is if the domain is validating username and passsword.  

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