IE Attacks?

I have recently installed a small home network with one WIn2K server and two Win98 PC's.
If I leave Internet Explorer running overnight on the Win2K server, I return to find it covered in unsolicited web-pages. Additionally, it opens up loads of DOS boxes full of messages such as:

c:\winnt\web\printers\images>net share /delete C$ /y
This shared resource does not exist.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2310.

c:\winnt\web\printers\images>net stop "Computer Browser"
The Computer Browser service is not started.

More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3521.

I don't have a Firewall installed (I probably should - any suggestions as to which?). However, neither do the Win98 PC's, but they don't suffer from these problems.

Any ideas to resolve this would be appreciated.
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frogboy5Author Commented:
Hello again,
just an update on this - I seem to have been hit with a virus that creates a file called explorer.exe. I've installed and run Norton, which detects this file as a virus, but won't quarrantine or delete it (not very useful!). I can't delete it manually, as I get access denied - even though no tasks seem to be running.
I can't believe I need to go through the pain of reformatting and reinstalling - again.
Anyone seen this before?
You shouldn't run a server on an internet connection without a firewall. It's OK to do this with a Windows 98 box if you have disabled file and print sharing, however servers have far more services running that can be "hacked".

This site may offer some help in cleaning the "explorer.exe" file from your system. It possible that you download some "spyware".

Good Luck :-)

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i had that virus once, its a mean one at that, i got it from kazaa i think, it inbeeds itself into the c:\windows\explorer.exe right?  it automiatcally attaches itself to any files you send, ex. through msn messenger, icq, etc.  the only thing i can suggest to get rid of it is delete it and reinstall windows nt without formatting, it will keep all your setting etc.

i am not sure if windows nt has it like windows me which allows you to reinstall windows with the disk.  its like in c:\windows\setup\cab\setup.exe or something like that and it will reinstall everything that was previously installed.  its handy to have, not sure if nt has it, good like with removing it, back up all data first!!!
CEOs need to know what they should worry about

Nearly every week during the past few years has featured a headline about the latest data breach, malware attack, ransomware demand, or unrecoverable corporate data loss. Those stories are frequently followed by news that the CEOs at those companies were forced to resign.

You've certanly have got an virus infected your computer.

Here's a free service to find out what it is, and how to clean it:

1. Start your browser
2. Input the following in address line, and press ENTER
3. Choose Country and press GO
4. Answer Yes to security warning about Trend Micro inc.
5. Wait
6. Mark all drive letters in My Computer, ie. drive C:
7. Mark Auto Clean
8. Press SCAN
9. Wait

Remember to buy an anti-virus-program with automatically updates from internet.

Some vira can't be cleaned automatically. If so, search for the virus found by housecall:
Look for clean-up.exe download

Many Regards
Jorgen Malmgren

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With norton antivirus and an active virus infection.. you can try the following...

Start in the safe mode..

Run a complete virus scan..

This will usually allow for the system to quarentine the infected files..

Please tell me the names of the virus and I will be able to help you further...

1 in 4 of all my new customer are infected.. We repair over 60 virus cases every month..

I know we canhelp you..
frogboy5Author Commented:
Hello everyone,
I actually seem to have got rid of this virus by doing the following:-

1) Scanning and cleaning everything using Norton Antivirus.
2) In Tasks, stopping the Explorer process, then deleting

Since doing the above, I haven't been hit and Norton doesn't detect any viruses.

Thought I'd try this before re-loading Windows or attempting the other suggestions.

Thanks anyway - will let you know if it returns.

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