Session variable loose values - is it IE settings?

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I wrote an web application using ASP - during the login process some values are retrieved from the database and stored in session variables. In some cases users of this application report a problem that tells me that the session variables have been set to null values. I know this is not because of a timeout because timeout is set to 45 min.

The last user who had that problem was told to reset the IE settings to Default (Advanced settings) and it fixed the problem. The following settings were changed as a result of resetting to default - this was not enough for me to recreate the problem:

Any idea what settings might have such an impact?

> "Enable Install On Demand (Internet Explorer)" - Originally unchecked,
> checked when set to defaults.
> "Just display the results in the main window" - Originally checked,
> unchecked when set to defaults.
> "Just go to the most likely site" - Originally unchecked, checked when
> set to defaults.
> "Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode" - Originally
> unchecked, checked when set to defaults.
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have you updated the gloabal.asa?
when you do this, the application gets restarted...

it has been reported, that also some virus scanner trigger the restart of the application when they scan global.asa
to prevent this from happening again you need to remove the gloabal.asa from the scan list of the virus scanner...

Does the URL of your server have an underscore ("_") in it?

After you install security patch MS01-055 for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0, you may encounter the following problems:
Session variables are lost.
Session state is not maintained between requests.
Cookies are not set on the client system.
NOTE: These problems can also occur after you install a more recent patch that includes the fix that is provided in security patch MS01-055.

Security patch MS01-055 prevents servers with improper name syntax from setting cookies names. Domains that use cookies must use only alphanumeric characters ("-" or ".") in the domain name and the server name. Internet Explorer blocks cookies from a server if the server name contains other characters, such as an underscore character ("_").

Because ASP session state and session variables rely on cookies to function, ASP cannot maintain session state between requests if cookies cannot be set on the client.

To work around this problem, use one of the following methods:
Rename the domain name and the server name, and use only alphanumeric characters.
Browse to the server by using the Internet Protocol (IP) address rather than the domain/server name.
NOTE: You may need to change the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) configuration after you rename a server. For more information, refer to the "References" section.


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The underscore issue is a strong possibility - we will remove them and see - thank you very much - I will let you know in a couple days...


Removing the underscores from the file names seems to have eliminated the problem.

Thank you

Pleasure to help, moonrise :)


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