NTVDM CPU has encountered an unhandled exception in windows xp

Application popup: 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem : Shortcut to cfcratexp
X#=0C, CS=02EF IP=0000F337. The  . Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

the program work, all the way to the point i need to print, and i belive when it is sending the pring job to lpt1 it errors out, i am using windows xp on a novell network (for file and printing).
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This may be why.

Troubleshooting MS-DOS-Based Programs in Windows

The 16-bit Windows subsystem on an x86 computer supports enhanced mode programs; it does not, however, support 16-bit VxDs (virtual device drivers). The subsystem on a non-x86 computer emulates the Intel 40486 instruction set, which lets the computer run Enhanced-mode programs, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, on RISC computers.

This means that Windows does not support 16-bit programs that require unrestricted access to hardware. If your program requires this, it will not work in Windows NT or Windows 2000.
so how are you printing, via a print capture or to a directly attached printer?
HOW TO Use the Program Compatibility Wizard (Q301911)


Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/"Program Compatibility Wizard"

or try the "Application Compatibility Toolkit"

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mroctaneAuthor Commented:
Jack: i cant use Application Compatibility  because the program is on a network drive....

CyberWizard : captured printer on our network
You might check the NIC in your printer, check to see if the protocol(s) became unbound somehow. And check your clients, too. There are a number of things that could prevent a print job from completing.

Had the above from the link below
Have a look you might find the answer you are looking for!
Good Luck!
mroctaneAuthor Commented:
prob is, "print job from completing"...it dont even get that far, it goes to send the print job and it dont send, it just errors
are you using the Novell client or Microsoft client for Novell?

you may want to try uninstalling the Novell client and re-install the latest version.
hello mroctane, any news on the problem, is it still happening?

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