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Problems with Shutdown.exe

Whenever I try to remotely shutdown another computer on my network that is running Windows XP Pro, it says that "The network path was not found."

And when I try to shutdown another computer on my network that is running Windows 2000 Pro, it just says "Access is denied."

Does anyone know why this is?  Here's the command line I'm using to shut the computers down:

shutdown -s -m \\
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I've tried refering to it both by it's netbios name and IP, but it does the same thing.

I found if I create a user account with a name identical to the username on the computer I'm trying to shut it down from, it will work fine.  Is there any way I can allow this without having to create an account on each machine?
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Use account administrator with the same password on both machines.
For the naming convention...  Ive used this command before with IP and with names... Just mess around with it.. For instance, try the following:

  Shutdown -s -m \\
  Shutdown -s -m
  Shutdown -s -m \\machinename (this one I KNOW works)

See if any of those three do it.
actually all 3 work for me....
Are you sure the other machines aren't firewalled?
The other xp machine has BlackICE installed, but the XP Firewall is disabled.  And the computer with Win 2k has no firewall.