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Dear Sirs,

I am planning to take up the CCNA Exam . Could you please explain me the  areas where i have to be well prepared before attending the exam? I am not undergoing any course ....

Could please tell me where i can get  some questions and answers?

Thanks in advance
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You need to know subnetting, routing, basic networking, and how to get around the command line interface of a router. It's hard to tell what questions you would get on the CCNA test as they have a 1000 question pool that they pull from. I would suggest getting the Cisco CCNA preparation books as I have found them to have all the answers to the test questions. They are a bit harder reading than Sybex, however once you grasp the understanding of the technology the way the describe it, it sticks with you.
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I suggest you get the book as he stated above and study the material.  KNOW subnetting inside out.  Frame relay, ISDN, VLAN's switching etc.   Once you get the basic idea you will be ok.  Also know the command line very well, they quiz on that a lot.

You may want to search brain dumps to help you out, but I have not found many for CCNA, at least when I took it a while ago.

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Pete Long
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I have to agree with you Pete, the brain dumps are not that good a resource but if he wants to get an idea whats on the test - then take a look at them.  When you do  look at them you will probably notice that some are wrong in thier answer.   when I took the the test - I looked at them to see what people were getting on the exam.  I really did not use it much.   Read the books, know the sections is all I can say.

is the complete outline for the test.....