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my hotmail-account has been hacked - trojan?

hi everyone,

unfortunately my hotmail has been hacked. I dont know for how long the intruder has been sneaking around in my private mails but it all started for a coulpe of days ago when I deleted a big amount of e-mails from my inbox. the next day as I went in to check my mail I found out to my big suprise that ALL my emails had been deleted. Ofcourse I began wondering if I had done something wrong pherhaps when I deleted the mails the day before or perhaps someone had sent me a large file which took all my MB form my acount and it had auot-deleted itself because of lack of space or something. If I had been hacked also went through my mind but could something like that happen to me? no I didn't think so who would find me interesting. But just in case I changed my Password.  

Then about a day or 2 after a recieved a mail form my brother to my mail-at-work that was from "the hacker" bragging or what you would call it, about he had hacked my email so everyone should be aware of what they wrote to me ect., and this mail he had send to all my contacts. The minute I read that mail I knew what it all whas about and I tried to enter my mail again but "the hacker" had changed the Password.

My question is HOW did "the hacker" get my new Password, is it a trojan or something on my computer? or could he have done it in some other way? im ofcourse a little paranoid not knowing HOW he did it as there might be a Password-cracker hidden on my PC. I've tried Pest-Control and lots of anti-virus-trojan programs on my home-PC but none of them found anything such as that. So pherhaps it's on my PC-at-work or something? im working in business with banking so could the hacker get a trojan past that firewall?
I dont think this is a "real" hacker but more like child-games or such as I get the feeling of that a "real" hacker would cover his/hers tracks and not brag about there deeds such as "hacking-an-unknowns-hotmail".

well sorry for the long writings, hope I haven't bored you to death. ; )
anyway hope someone can help me answering my question.

kind regards.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

It's not boring at all. I can't help but wondering, though, why you are using a hotmail account when you're in this business. Don't you have an internal mail server? Such a server
could be monitored and any hacker attempts should be in the server logs for examination if necessary.

Anyway, I'd definitely delete this account and try to find other ways of handling e-mail. Also notify your network admin. He/she might want to know about this.

thank you for replying. well' perhaps I didn't express myself clear enough about that part. yes I do have an internal email account for the place I work at and I didn't use my hotmail-account for business purpose at the place I work. Only private business like ordering something from the internet or my phone company and such. private business or what you would call it, so I had emails with usernames and passwords for various homepages . BUT i did enter my hotmail-account FROM the place I work cheking out for new mail and such. So that's why my suspisions pointed in that direction. I have checked my homePC for Trojans with different programs,  all updated, and none of them found any password-stealing trojans or like.

I've heard something about a security breach, or quite a few, in the hotmail-accounts something about you just have to know a persons email-adress and then you could send this information to a certain URL-adress and it would return with Password for this account. Can anyone confirm this?

I contacted the MSN-Passport-Help and explained them the situation and they reset my account and gave me the new password so that I could enter it again. The Hacker had entered his nick-name and day of birth (or else it's me who changed the day of birth, can't remember), anyway im keeping the account for Spam-purpose only. Or perhaps I get "lucky" and he "contacts" me again or something so that I might get the chance to find him IRL. ; )



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It maybe a lot simpler than that... If the hacker knows you well enough then he probably hacked your secret question to get back in. And the first time, did you have a blatantly obvious password like your spouse, kids, dogs etc name.

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