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Oracle Reports (running on AIX 4.3.3) Error REP-0001: Unable to find the Report Builder message file. Please verify your installation.

We are getting the error "REP-0001: Unable to find the Report Builder message file.  Please verify your installation." when running the
/u03/app/oracle/product/forms6i_p6/bin/rwrun60 executable on our AIX 4.3.3 environment.
Can anyone give me some pointers as to what might be causing it.  Could it be an installation/environment problem?
1 Solution
Attemtpting to execute a report against an Oracle Reports Server installed on UNIX, consistently fails - the Report Server error log is showing that the  report request is received by the server but then the error REP-0001 'Unable to Find Reports Builder Message File' is encountered and the process terminates unsuccessfully.
As you troubleshoot the issue further, several inconsistencies draw confusion as  to cause of the error.  For exasmple:
1. You can successfully run reports from the Runtime and the Builder, without  encountering the REP-0001 error.
2. You check all envirnonment variables, thoroughly, for the profile that is used to start the Report Server, and they are correct and accounted for.  
3. You are puzzled by the fact that the Report Server starts correctly at all,and that the server is quite happy to start idle processes and initially receive requests.
4. The command line syntax used to call the report via the Report Server is  absolutely correct.
5. You check all your printer set-up criteria as per note:16888.1 and they are impeccably correct.
Try using an HPD or PPD driver type other than what you have listd currently in  your uiprint.txt file.  For example, if you are using ui4.hpd as your printer driver, try using default.hpd instead.
In the case of the technical issue that prompted the writing of this note, we  discovered via the use of DEBUG_SLFIND, that the report request was failing as the font algorithms were processing.  This encouraged us to look at printer issues instead of environment variables.
We discovered that the customer's choice of using ui4.hpd printer driver was the source of the REP-0001 error.  Simply changing this driver choice in the uiprint.txt file resolved the issue.

DLyallAuthor Commented:
Hi schwertner

Thanks for your comment.

After further debugging we found that the REP-0001 error was a red herring.  The main error being reported
was in fact REP-3000 Internal error starting Oracle Toolkit.  We tracked this down to the setting of the DISPLAY
variable which was not set to the IP address where an active X server process resided.  Once this was rectified the reports
ran ok.

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