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TidHTTP.Post question...

Wim ten Brink
Last Modified: 2008-07-26
Okay, i have this forum at http://www.workshop-alex.org/ which is quite uninteresting. It's just for experimental purposes anyway. You can have a look, even register but don't think it's a very reliable site...

Oh, well... I want to do something special with my own site. I want to auto-post messages in the 'Announcements' and the 'Jokes' groups. And I want to do this from a Delphi application! Thus I have a Delphi client and this client will first have to log on, maintain a cookie, go to the group and add a new topic to this group. Unfortunately, the amount of data I want to add in this new post could be too big to add on the URL of my site, thus I have to use the Post method to send the post to my server.

now, of course I could use a completely different technique, even include the post directly in the database on my server, but this is just a challenge for me. I want to do it this way and this way only. So, how do I get this to work? And I do want to use Indy for this...
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no problem, even using NMHTTP from D4

The only tricky part is to maintain the cookie.

I rather suggest you directly talk to the DB server - less challenging but more adapted to Delphi web applications IMHO
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developer


Well, as you say... Talking to the DB server is just less of a challenge... And Indy has a nice component to maintain cookies which I've already played with. It works perfectly, allowing me to log in using the get method and specifying the parameters in the URL. But this doesn't work when the parameters are more than 10.000 characters...
So I have to find out how this post thingie works...
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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developer


@EddieShipman: Close enough for me! It works after a minor adjustment. Don't know where URLEncode comes from but doesn't matter. In the unit HTTPApp I found HTMLEncode() which seems to do the same. However, this led to:
since I have to keep the '&' outside the encoding. Not a big thingie...

However, the magic word I needed was:
  IdHTTP1.Request.ContentType := 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded';
Which I had forgotten...

Btw... I just used:
  List := TStringList.Create;
  List.Text := IdHTTP1.Post('http://www.neopets.com/login.phtml', Params);
To get the page inside a stringlist. That works just as well as using that stream method you used. :-)
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