Task Scheduler gives "Access Denied" (even with Local System account)

Task Scheduler is not starting, keeps giving "Error 5:  Access Denied"

Have tried the following:
1.  Created separate Local System Account (with full administrator privileges), no luck.
2.  Created password with current user account, tried changing Log On with username/password, no luck
3.  In Safe Mode as Administrator under Accessories->System Tools->Scheduled Tasks->properties->
     Security->Owner->changed from ....Administrator.... to .....Administators.... (only 2 options here,
     selected one that allows multiple administators)....logged back in as Local System or User, still nothing.

Please help!!
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sidnaniAuthor Commented:
c:\windows\SchedLgU.txt file has these messages (updated with each non-successful attempt to Re-Start the Task Scheduler service):

Task Scheduler Service:.
   Started at 6/11/2003.......
"Task Scheduler Service 6/11/2003....*Error*
    A Failure occurred during service initialization
   The specific error is:
    0x80070005:  Access is denied
 Try using the Task Page Browse Button to locate the application
Exited at 6/11/2003.......
.........But have you tryed it using the admin account, not admin priviledged accout?
also, if this has worked in the past, then would a system restore be out pof the question?
sorry, just checked, a normal user account should have access to this, so i'd go for the sys restore...
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In Computer Management, when you have the list of stuff on the left, and one of those choices is Services, click Services. Then you should have a list of all your services on the right. Double-click Task Scheduler, then click the Log On tab. Tell us what's there, and we can help you furthur.

sidnaniAuthor Commented:
I have tried using the Admin account in Safe mode, and also Admin privileged account.
(note, Under safe mode, the services cannot be started).   I have full admin privileges under my
account called "Owner".

Yes, a normal user account should have access -  "with" password (this can be disabled using registry edit, if needed).

Under Log On Tab in Task Scheduler (in Services) I have:
Log on As:   Local System Account
                    Allow service to interact with desktop box is checked.
                 Hardware Profile 1 is enabled.

Sys restore means backing up 10Gb of data, application re-installs and other headaches
Not an option at this point.  BTW, does the Task Scheduler not working affect anything else
besides the tasks scheduled ??   I.e.   does it affect the OS from performing at its max if it's not
running.    Thanks all!!!
sidnaniAuthor Commented:
I have this working now finally!!!

Started getting this message when scheduling tasks:
  General Page initialization failed.
   Error:  0x8009000f when trying to schedule a task

Microsoft Article# 246183:

1. Disabled Protected Storage service under Services- (not sure if this step was needed), as this
    service was started and working fine.
2. As Admin in safe mode:  
    Deleted all files in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\S-1-5-18" folder
3.  Rebooted to find Task Scheduler Started under Services !!!!!!
     Nothing else had worked to this point to get this darn thing started !!!

   I have no idea why I had to do the above, but I can now schedule tasks!!!

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Great! I'm glad you got it working. Now you have to decide who helped you the most. Either that or I think you can get your points refunded. I'm not sure. Haven't been here long enough. Experts?

sidnaniAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I guess it would be nice to get the points back, though I'm not sure either if I can get
them back.  
Comments from everyone who offered help is much appreciated.
This old question needs to be finalized -- accept an answer, split points, or get a refund.  For information on your options, please click here-> http:/help/closing.jsp#1 
Post your closing recommendations!  No comment means you don't care.
sidnaniAuthor Commented:
I have requested a refund (50 points),
and for this question to be closed - on Community Support.
Please let me know if anything else needs to be done by me.
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