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I just recently purchased a new motherboard and chip combo (Asus P4B266-LM + Intel Celeron 2.2) and when i booted it up it told me to check my hardware monitor because it found and error and then it said I had bad bios data. The bios that is installed now is ACPI rev 1004 and i looked on the Asus website and the closest is the P4B266-M. I am very tempted to try it but have heard bad things about taking risks like that. Any info would help.  Thanks
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Please be more specific.  Did you actually boot to an operating system or did you just power on and see this message?

It's NOT uncommon for a new MB to be shipped with the CMOS CLEAR jumper in the CLEAR position.  You should move it to the NORMAL position before installing.  Even if you did that, the CMOS would be cleared and you will need to SET your CMOS settings.
I believe that your mainboard has a lan card onboard (L should denote that)

the bios for your board would be

but........... as with all things that go bump in the night... I would call ASUS if you have any doubts


That's right it does have a lan board so that would most probably mean it would have the same bios right?
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normally ASUS BIOS updates do not do anything with the LAN chip... they leave it to ancillary drivers.... now... to your comment.... I would be of the mind that the first link is in fact your BIOS................ but ..... you are the one who should be comfortable with it

have you gone into the CMOS and set the BIOS to DEFAULT.. exited and rebooted?


that's the info I was looking for. Thanks
I have an ASUS P4B266-LM also.  The problem is in the hardware monitor in the BIOS.  This board is an OEM for a SONY pc.  The mobo fan monitor is "N/A" and is causing the hardware monitor to alert.  The fix was to go into BIOS, go to the hardware monitor menu, disconnect the cpu fan plug from the connector nearest the cpu and re-connect the plug to the other fan plug nearer the mobo power connector.  Then, perhaps with a can of air, spin the CPU fan, which will cause the fan monitor in the BIOS to register.  With rpms registering, you can click on the setting and change it.  Once the setting is changed, remove and replace the fan plug back to the connector near the CPU.  Re-boot.  This corrected the hardware monitor alert.  No more stops during boot up.  Very strange, but it works great now.  CAUTION: don't take your time with the CPU fan plug being plugged into the wrong connector.  The cpu fan will not spin on its own and the cpu can overheat after a few minutes!  However, this process should not take more than a minute.

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