ASP: CDONTS email gets stuck in pickup folder

I'm writing a program in ASP/HTML to send e-mails.  It goes something like this (except I'm using actual e-mail addresses):


set objSendMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

objSendMail.From = ""
objSendMail.To = ""
objSendMail.Subject = "test"
objSendMail.Body = "hi, this is a test."



I don't get any errors or anything, but I never recieve the e-mail.  It just stays in the Pickup folder in mailroot, with the extension .EML.  My anonymous internet users (IUSR_SERVER and IWAM_SERVER) have operator rights to my Default SMTP Virtual Server. Why aren't the e-mails getting through, and what can I do to fix it?

Please help! and thanks in advance,

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In Pickup folder ... Seems like SMTP server is not running. Open a command prompt and do

net stop SMTPSVC
net start SMTPSVC

What does it say?
kevin_readingAuthor Commented:
>net stop stmsvc
The Simple Mail Transport Protocl (SMTP) service is stopping.
The Simple Mail Transport Protocl (SMTP) service was stopped successfully.

>net start stmsvc
The Simple Mail Transport Protocl (SMTP) service is starting.
The Simple Mail Transport Protocl (SMTP) service was started successfully.

It is still doing the same behavior.  The SMTP service is installed, but I haven't done anything to configure it.  I had this script working on a different W2K Server machine before, and just got a new server, upon which it doesn't work.  But, yes, the service is indeed running.

Check the event log. Anything there with reference of SMTP?

The mails (.elm files) are stuck in Pickup folder or they are moved to Queue or Badmail folders?
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kevin_readingAuthor Commented:
I've looked at the event log.  It was mentioned only as notices ("the service has started", etc), no warnings or errors.

The mail files aren't moved to Queue or Badmal; they stay in Pickup.
Open a command prompt in the web server and do this



>set q=mx

What do you get?
kevin_readingAuthor Commented:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

(All four pings were replied correctly; I'm not going to write them out)


***Can't find server name for address No response from server
Default server:

> set q=mx


Non-authoritative answer:     MX preference = 5, mail exchanger =

(it gives me a bunch of other IPs for yahoo, too.)

Just FYI, is a BSD computer I have, through which my internet connection is running and being shared. is the primary DNS server at my ISP.  My ISP is SYPTEC.  The computer I'm running my ASP and SMTP  off of is
Do this also from command prompt

telnet 25

Is your DSN IP given or obtained automatically?
Try this:

Right click on Default SMTP virtual server - select properties, and click on the delivery tab then on the advanced button at the bottom.

Enter the fully qualified domain name of the mail server in the fully qualified domain name box and the smart host box. Uncheck the attempt direct delivery box. Ok - Ok.

Click on Domains (under Default SMTP virtual server) enter the name of the web server and make sure that it is the default domain (if you have more than one).

Stop - Start SMTP service.

** Note - If you want to send internal email then the mail server you specify must have the IMS (internet mail service) installed, sounds weird but it needs the IMS to work out if its internal or external.

If the above doesn't work - remove and reinstall the SMPT service and set the above again.

Hope this helps.

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kevin_readingAuthor Commented:
I apologize for my poor ettiquitte; this is my first time on Experts Exchange.  I'll include an explanation of what I did to resolve the problem:

What I ultimately did to resolve the problem was I gave Everyone Modify rights to the mailroot folder.  (It wouldn't work with just enabling the internet guest accounts.)  After that, my e-mail client could pick it up.

While your comments and GripSavage's comments didn't directly solve the problem, they gave me ideas to exercise which led to my finding a solution.
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