adding users in a domain to the local power users group

looking to add all users in a domain to the powers users group of there local machine
is there any way i can do this
(is needed to run some bespoke software)
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It is possible. The method depends on whether you are using

1. Active Directory with W2K/XP clients
2. NT 4.0 domain with NT/W2K/XP clients
3. Active Directory with NT/W2K/XP clients

Option 1 you can use Group Policies to define the membership of remote local groups. Use Active Directory Users and Computers, select an OU containing the desired computer objects, right click, properties, Group Policies

Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Restricted Groups

Restricted groups allow an administrator to define two properties for security-sensitive groups (that is, "restricted" groups).

The two properties are Members and Member Of. The Members list defines who should and should not belong to the restricted group. The Member Of list specifies which other groups the restricted group should belong to.

When a restricted Group Policy is enforced, any current member of a restricted group that is not on the Members list is removed. Any user on the Members list which is not currently a member of the restricted group is added.

Option 2 is more difficult but may be achieved by using the rekit command SUBINACL.EXE

Option 3 - Option 1 won't work on your NT clients.

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In an NT environment, you can use the net command as follows:

net localgroup "power users" /add "DOMAIN\Domain Users"

where DOMAIN is the name of your NT domain.

This will make all users that authenticate to the domain a member of the local power users group.
tpeacock  - that's a great command but if run in the context of the logged on user is likely to fail. We're assuming that the logged on user is not already a member of the Power Users or Administrators local groups. Only members of these groups can change the membership of the Power Users local group.
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