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I currently have a user that sends generated reports through Excel.  The user wants to be able to go to File->Send To->Mail Recipiant(As Attachment).  I have configured the proper profiles from within Outlook to send mail.  I am able to send a mail message from Word and Excel with the word or excel dosument as the body of the message, but this user needs to send these items as attachments.  Any help would be greatly appritiated.
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So, u mean u want to send mails from an Excel file using notes with attachment and also with a body?
Is it correct? Do that excel file have all the client address and email's?
Please do reply, if the requirement is same. Since, I have developed one application which is easy and it will sends mail to any no.of rows.

You have to install Notes AFTER installing Office for Notes to set itself up as a MAPI provider to office -- which is what allows the Office menu File -> Send To -> Mail Recipient (as attachment).  Make sure you have MAPI32.DLL insatled as well.

Under R6, there is also a preference setting "Enable Office 97 SendTo to Notes" - which I believe affects later versions of Office as well.
Otherwise you can change the setting in Internet Explorer.

Go Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs (Or Control Panel, Internet Options -> Programs)

Make sure Lotus Notes is set as the default mail client.

This should eneble File -> Send To....


After trying everything listed above and exhausting all of the help within Notes changing the setting within internet explorer solve the issue that I was having!  Sometimes the simpilest solution is the best.  Thanks to everyone for all of your insight!
settings for Win.ini


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