Sound Card Driver Problem!?!?!?!?!___Windows 98: NTKERN.VXD & MMDEVLDR.VXD (Code 2 Error)

what up, i own a compaq presario 7360 running win 98 se and curently have a sound problem. i have this error when i install the latest drivers for my (onboard)ESS Allegro PCI audio (WDM) that says "NTKERN.VXD, MMDEVLDR.VXD device loader(s) for this device could not load the device driver(Code 2.)" when i install an older version of the drivers this error go's away but still no sound. I've tried replacing these files in the system folder and rebooted and reinstalled the drivers and still have no sound. I had this problem rite after i formated the HD and installed win98 (i was tired of using the compaq quick restore cd's). if i could get some input on this cause i cant play cs with no sound, thanks
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Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
It sounds like the drivers you're trying to install are for NT/2000/XP, not for Win95/98/Me.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
These, according to compaq, are the most recent drivers for your system.  Is this what you downloaded?

Version: (03/05/2002)

the problem I see with the above is that although it shows a more recent version #, that's only because it includes 2000, XP, Me, etc.

The most recent drivers for Win98 are actually these ones:

Version: C (05/30/2002)

reapergtAuthor Commented:
i have had my friend come over and i watched him try those drivers among others simular, only 1 will not show the error but the sound will still be out.
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reapergtAuthor Commented:
yep i im still tryin at 4 am, i just tried installing 3 dif versions of drivers but removing every file that was installed before trying the next and still no luck and same error so if any1 that has any clue of how to fix this damn compaq metal box of ****, i am willing to try anything, thanks
Compaq shows 2 possible audio drivers for your computer:

The revision history says that v5.12.01.1088 C will not work with all models, but since you state you have the WDM version it should be fine.

If that link does not work for some reason, the direct link to the download page is:

Make sure before you install these drivers that you have uninstalled any previous attempts, and that the sound card is deleted from the Device listing in your computer.

If these don't work and you can't find any other options, your best bet is to just replace the sound card.  You can pick them up for as little as $10-$20.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
ahah . .. .  try this one, if you can.  The 5.12xxxxxx is specifically for Win98SE.  You mentioned you installed Win98 . . .  this is worth a shot

In the original question he did state it was 98SE.  Many times the original 98 drivers will work however... Worth a shot.

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Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Yes, I thought that too until I read it again.   Unless I read wrong he says he has a compaq presario with win98se, but then said he installed win98 instead of using the restore disks .

I still could be reading it wrong, but even so, their worth a shot, I agree.
reapergtAuthor Commented:
yeah i finaly gat it but thanks anyway
I, too, have problems with my soundcard (and with my videocard, for the matter). The problems are very much the same: i have Windows 98SE installed. there's a Code 2 error mssge when I click on the properties of my soundcard/ It says : "The NTKERN.VXD, MMDEVLDR.VXD can't load the drivers for this device". The pc is a laptop, i really can't do without it. It's an HP Omnibook XE2 DC.
sound: ESS Maestro PCI audio
(video : Silicon Motion LynxEM

also, i lost :( my win98SE cd, and I already tried the SFC tool....nothing works! help me!!!
I have the Same Problem with the sound card but it is the ess1868 card the same two error messages, it also is the WIN98SE operating system the processor speed is only 200MGZ  so it is quite old, GOSH NO SOUND this is just KIlling Me it isn't the speaker because i had the other es card in my computer which has SE on it it all works fine but i get the same problem with it in this computeri even tried a full size modem and sound card in one it detected it as sound blaster or compatible but it said it wasn't there or even connected when it is. don't know what the card really is. the joystick port on back of the es1868 card works fine. someone please help me out
oh to the last comment by me i have a WIN98SE full version cd  which i used to load up on my computer os
i have da same problem i cant load my sound driver....the SFC tool aint working either here
hey check out my question ask your own question and my suggestion is hey well formatt the drive and start from stracth
I have a dual-boot W98SE/W2k pc running with an ASUS P4P800 deluxe MB. Sound works fine with the Windows 2000 environment but I run into the same problems as described above with the Windows 98SE environment. SOUNDMAX integrated digital audio is flagged with the exclamation mark. I used latest drivers from ASUS and re-installed DirectX 9.0b drivers to no avail.

Really odd...
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