Problem Installing Zone Alarm

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I wasn't sure whether to post this inquiry here or on the "Applications" or
"Miscellaneous" Board, but I am running an XP Home Ed OS with almost
all of the updates and patches to date, except mayby for the last two
recommended ones.   I installed and ran without any problems an old
"Free" Version  ZoneAlarm v2.6.362 for at least the last year and and half.
I recently purchased an upgrade of System Suite 5.0 from VCOM which
includes an Firewall from Sygate and in contemplation os utilizing that
firewall I uninstalled the Zone Agrm 2.6.362 from the computer.  After
using the Sygate Firewall that came with the Systems Suite 5.0 for
a while , I decided to go back to the old Zone Alarm and after uninstalling
the entire Systems Suite 5.0, including the Sygate Fireall , I started
to re-install Zone Alarm 2.6.362 and shortly after starting the installation
the following Error Message Window came up:

vsmon.exe - Entry Point Not Found


Red   The procedure entry point SetRegisterDateToNULL could not be  
 X        located    in the dnnamic link library VSUTIL.dll

                                    ( OK )

I Did a search of "Google" and came up with the following:

vsmon - vsmon.exe - Process Information
Process File: vsmon or vsmon.exe
Process Name: True Vector Internet Monitor
Description: The True Vector Internet Monitor is a component of the ZoneAlarm Personal FireWall which monitors internet traffic and generates alerts
Common Errors: N/A
System Process: No

Processes in Windows NT/2000/XP / VSMON.EXE
Attention should be paid to the  notes.
This information is without engagement! Please consider reading the  disclaimer!

 Translation from German to English in progress!!! Please use  google's language tools in the meantime...

Processdetails  reger24 ¨  processes ¨  VSMON.EXE    
filename VSMON.EXE
fullname True Vector Internet Monitor
type Dienst
manufacturer and other relevant information

  The Zone Alarm Program continuted to try to install and this message
kept coming up on the screen and of course it did not work properly and
I uninstalled it and with restoration got pack to the point just before
the attempted re-installation and I have not tried to re-install it again.

Since it is a "free" version, I cannot believe that it is a registry key
that was orginally placed that would prevent re-installation of an old
free version.

Can anyone help me as to what I need to do or  in order to
solve this dilemma and if so, can they do it in fairly simple terms
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You should run through Zone Alarm uninstall procedure;jsessionid=1tR2i1j4LWJt2CL5qA9WlQHoiZp2V3cVIs5ExswCxBUwTBrthH0b!-1687681273!-1062696903!7551!7552!772768186!-1062696905!7551!7552

They offer a removal tool. Using WindowsXX [Add/Remove Programs]
to remove Zone Alarm creates problems with connection and perhaps
is causing the reinstall problem your experiencing.

Programs like firewalls, virus checkers, and CD burning software don't usually
"get along" with other alike-programs. If your going to replace one then remove
the old one first.

Try to unistall and clean registry from zonealarm.
After unistalling, run regedit.exe and find e.g. zone phrase in registry and delete all.
Then restart your system.
Try installing a newer version of ZoneAlarm.  At time of posting 3.7.202 is the most current and provides more protection against newer threats.  It is also a free version.
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This is a True Vector Service problem.Cant be fixed...
ZA is drilling into XP core and malfunctioning it seems...
(When visiting google you get page all dotted or similar...)
Remove Zone alarm and manually all its entries in the registry,reboot and
install it again (preferably a newer version if available)...


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I must also add, that Zone Alarm must really want to stay and work
on your system once you install it.  Notwithstanding the fact that
I uninstalled this old version 2.65.632 and then tried to re-install it
without being able to do so as outlined above.  Today, I chose a
restoration point 2 days before I started all of this nonsense about
uninstalling system Suite 4.0 and Zone Alarm and guess what
Zone Alarm 2.6.632 is back in the Program folder with an Icons on
the Task Bar and is working as usual.  Not that good of luck with
System Suite 4.0, it came back partially but now I think I need to
reinstall it along with all the upgrades and then I should be able
to uninstall it properly which I have been unable to do , but that
aspect has never been a part of this question.  

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