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How to safely convert Dynamic disk boot partition back to basic disk

Jimmyit asked
I have a problem. I need to resize my dynamic disks partition and in order to do that with third party tools such as PowerQuests Vol manager, I need to revert the dynamic disks back to basic disks.

When I use Windows disk management tools, it prompts me that once basic disks are converted to dynamic disks it cannot be converted back.

I believe there should be some third party tools or methods that can actually safely do this but so far I can find none

If theres anybody who have done this before, kindly contribute.

Thanks in advance
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Bartender_1Microsoft Network Administrator

Unfortunately, I've never found any such a program.

Your best bet (In my opinion) would be to backup your data from the boot partition, then format, and re-install as a basic disk. Then restore your data from the backup.

Microsoft Network Administrator
Perhaps I'm wrong....
Paragon claims to be able to do it under certain circumstances....
See here:

Paragon Partition Manager


Hope this helps!



Is the volumeyou are trying to resize the first created volume or a subsequently created volume? To my knowledge, you cannot resize the initial volume, but you can extend it by assigning it more free space (if you have it available)
If a disk is dynamic and you go into administrative tools>storage>disk tools and right click on the disk (far left) it just says "convert to basic disk".  I've done it in Win 2k3 server.
Acronis True Image Echo v.10 will convert a Dynamic Disk back to Basic in seconds flat using the included disk utility application.

Yes. I'm using win2k3 server only. If I converted to basic disk, will I get all my data without any loss.