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I have lost the administartor's password on an XP  Home machine. I do not want to reinstall Windows if at all possible. I have seen a couple of software packages in the $200 range that claim to be able to reset lost administartors' passwords. Three questions:
1. Are you aware of any cheaper pacakges?
2. In your experience does this type of package work? and
3. Is there any other way of reseting a lost administartor's password without reinstalling windows (via the recovery console for example)?
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Hi jd987,
Windows  Password Recovery

Try the following,

First: Are you sure yove forgotton it? Try just hitting return (in case there is no password), Then try all the password you would usually use
remember passwords are CaSe senSiTive so try with the caps lock on and off, or capitalise the first "Letter"

NB. All these tools, and links are to third party tools and involve directly or indirectly changing the registry. I accept no responsibility for their use.

Your passwords are held (encrypted) in your registry and in youre "restore" directory. These tools edit one or more of these locations from a boot disk

Arm yourself with a blank (clean) Floppy Disk

Ive used this one on XP and it works


Or try the following

This link will download software that creates a Linux Boot floppy that will let you change Passwords.



Using this link you will have to download the Image writer then the boot disk image



Or try This one from Sunbelt



This ones NOT free but Its what I use



Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk


Heres some further reading

How to Log On to Windows XP If You Forget Your Password or Your Password Expires


Good Luck! PL


try to look at links below..
Visit here:

Another method: (refer to this link:http://www.experts-exchange.com/Operating_Systems/WinXP/Q_20671210.html )
Parallelly install XP in D: drive:

Once installed XP parallelly (in D:) drive, it is easy to reset the password in the primary XP installation.

Start Windows XP (D: drive)
Open Explorer.exe and goto "C:\windows\system32\config"
Rename the file called "SAM" to "SAM1"
Now, copy the SAM file from "D:\windows\repair" to c:\windows\system32\config. This file contains the password of your Windows XP (D: drive installation).

Pete LongTechnical Consultant


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