How to configure my SCSI disk arrays


I have an HP NetServer LP3 with at HP NetRaid SCSI controller. It has two disk arrays (one on each SCSI channel) with room for six disks in each. I have seven 9gb SCSI disks an five 36gb. How do I configure these disks. I would very much like to make the system disk a RAID 1. My own suggestion si as follow:

Disk Array A          Disk Array B
Sys1-9gb(RAID1)  Sys1-9gb(RAID1)
Data1-36(RAID5)  Data2-9gb(RAID5)
Data1-36(RAID5)  Data2-9gb(RAID5)
Data1-36(RAID5)  Data2-9gb(RAID5)
Data1-36(RAID5)  Data2-9gb(RAID5)
Data1-36(RAID5)  Data2-9gb(RAID5)

This will leave me with a system disk of 9gb, a data disk on approx. 140gb and a second data disk on approx 35gb.

The questions is:
  - Is this a smart configuration?
  - Is it smart to distribute the system disk accross two SCSI channels?

Thanks in advance,

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your config looks ok, i assume you're putting your 36's and the balance of your 9's in raid 5.

it's standard practice to put mirrored disks on seperate channels, you hav a little redundancy should a channel fail and you have twice the bandwidth

you might consider using one of your 36's as a global hot spare

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It all depends on what you want to do with the system.  The biggest problem with your proposed scenario is that you'll lose one of your logical drives if you lose a scsi channel.  Another problem is that you aren't optimizing your available bandwidth.  And as chicagoan points out, you don't have a hot-spare.  On the plus side, your configuration gives you nearly optimal hard drive capacity.  Question is, which is more important to you; capacity, performance or redundancy?  
If you set the scsi addresses not to overlap you can always pop one chain onto the other channel, though it's more likely you'd lose the whole controller
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