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Hello Gurus,

I have set of ASP that works under IIS5 on Win2K Server. The ASPs use SQL Server DB. The SQL Server (Standard Edition) is running on the same machine.
So, the question is: how I have to license Win2K, and how it depends of number of users potentially connected to the ASP? Or it only depends of way how the ASPs are developed?

Thanks in advance.
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It would depend on whether you're using Anonymous Access to your website or not. If you're using Anonymous Access then the IIS process always uses the same user (IUSR_machinename) and therefore technically only one license would be required (plus a processor license for the SQL server, of course). If you're using restricted access, where the end user has to log on, you'd need enough licenses to cover the number of people who will be simultaneously connecting to the server.

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