CMS PHP script/out of box solution for a company intranet - recommendations?

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Looking for an off-the-shelf solution for a Content management / company intranet to be able to post press releases to a site...

Please send recomendations so I can decide if I need to find someone to custom-create something.

Here's the requirements:
-  Ability to upload Press release documents (in word, powerpoint, xl, etc. format)
-  Ability to create "current press releases" and "archives" sub-section
-  User registration to make people sign-up for instant access. Email addresses saved for mailing list purposes.

Person with the best recommendation with good explaining WHY (or an online demo in action) will get answer accepted.

Budget is a <$500
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take a look at the following website.  It will show you how a lot of these systems work.
also you have the ability to test most of them:

this is a free site and doesn't just contain the free solutions

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