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i got a system that all its lotus mail sources has been backup and password protected. is it possible to hack its password or reset or anything else to extract or make anable to analyze.

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Do you mean that u have a mail database which is having a backup copy and u need to hack this database?
If ur a administrator, u can open this copy in local at the server and assign rights to whom u want to open.

Hacking pwds, is not possible.
Bozzie4IT Architect

Using R6, you can use the Full Administrator feature to open the databases on a server.


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Can u change grade to A?
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"Do you mean that u have a mail database which is having a backup copy and u need to hack this database?"

yes! exactly yes. the computer is near of me now. and i am trying it still..

how can i login as an admin?
U need Notes administrator user id. and u can't open it in that PC. U need to go to ur Domino Server and from ther try to open it in Local.
In ur PC, mail database is residing on the server. If ur talking about Archive, u can open it directly. It won';t ask any pwd.
Since ur accessing a database which is residing on a domino server, u need notes user id with pwd. Since u don't have pwd, as I said, go to ur notes workstation at domino server, and file ->database-> open_>local->goto mail folder and chak where the database residing in which folder and open.

This is the only solution u have.

And please change this grade to A by placing a questin (which is free) at community support.

And if ur telling that, u did a local copy of mail database which is residing in local PC, then when it propmpts for pwd, click cancel.(Asks for3-4 times)

After that it will open a dialog box for user id. Then with ur user id,(Copy it into Notes-> data folder open.
1) Copy ur user id into Notes-> Data or Lotus->Notes->data folder(which ever applicable)
2)oPEN nOTES client.
3) After cancelling for 3-4times, then point it to ur notes id. And then click OK.
4) Enter ur pwd and bingo, there u go.

U can open it.


thanks to all for everything..


thanks to all for everything..
and i am sorry coz of Grade:C
i dont know how can i change its grace a from C.
thanks for all..
and what does grade mean here. difficulty or?
Its counts my points.
So, change it to A.
Just a post a question in Community Support with this link telling them to change grade to A.
And its free. No points required to do it.


what is R6 and how can i use it?

(i know i can be very boring sometimes but i have never met a lotus before)
I don't have experience in ND6, Sorry.

R6 stands for "Release 6."  Mots peope are still using Release 5 (R5), and some are still using R4.  R6 is also sometimes caled ND6 (Notes+Domino 6 -- Notes is teh client software, Domino is the server software, and they work closly together, like Outlook+Exchange).

You r your company would have to purchase R6 software nad install it.

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