Help with SQL Query for search app.


I am trying to finish off my search application but not having much luck, it did all work until I realized I couldn't enter the ' sign into search phrases, so I had to find a workaround.

I need the search app to search on the following:

So far I have got:
...CONTAINS(description, <cfqueryparam cfsqltype=cf_sql_varchar value=' "#searchText#" '>))

which does the "EXACT PHRASE" search, but I can't seem to manage the other 2 using the CFQUERYPARAM. The reason why I am using the CFQUERYPARAM is beacuse I could not get it to search something like (term's) as it had the ' sign in it, and using the CFQUERYPARAM seems to work fine.

So if anyone has any ideas on how to do:
ALL WORDS (ALL words which user enters must be present within the "description" field, but can be in any order)
ANY WORDS (ANY words which user enters can be present within the "description" field, but can be in any order)

Thanks in advance.
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take a look at customtag booleansearch tag

it does everything u need !

send me ur email address & i'll email it to u [as i dont remember where i got it from]


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marhk51Author Commented:
I have send you email to your HM address.

send it to - i cannot access HM right now !
marhk51Author Commented:
Cheers mate, I got it to work the way I like.

Thanx alot.
My Pleasure :)
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