Desktop Workspace has changed to an old version

Hi experts,
I'm using Notes R5.0.11 and normally use Workspace as my desktop with all my icons neatly arranged and grouped together.
All my databases are kept in a separate directory C:\DatabaseFiles\Notes\. I was changing a database file name in that directory using a program called Powerdesk (similar to Windows Explorer), and hit a conflict problem (it wouldn't let me change the file name as it said it was already open). Thinking I'd save time, I just closed Designer and Notes and then the name change was accepted OK. However on returning to Notes, the Workspace has changed to an old version I last used months ago. I've exited Notes, rebooted the PC, restarted and the same old Workspace comes up.
As the view in Powerdesk was sorted by date, I can see files like names.nsf, bookmark.nsf, headline.nsf, pid.nbf, Cache.DSK, desktop5.DSK, all higher than my renamed database file. I'm wondering if I accidentally altered one of these which is causing the problem.
Can anyone suggest a remedy that would be quicker than rebuilding my Workspace?
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The workspace layout is stored in the desktop5.dsk.  It's very likely you renamed that one.  If there is no desktop5.dsk, then notes creates a new one on startup.  So you could remove the new one and try renaming the file back to desktop5.dsk

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Try deleting cache.dsk, but I doubt it will help you.

Bookmark.nsf, desktop5.dsk are the files that contain the workspace data.


Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
caution: If you delete desktop5.dsk, your (rebuild) workspace will be empty, so don't delete it, but move it out of the way


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StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that. Alas it didn't help and I'm somewhat confused. I've tried renaming things, but can only get the old desktop or a worse one with only a Welcome icon in it. If I rename cache.dsk, it just creates a new one.
I've searched my hard disk for .dsk files and there are no others. So it looks like I'm stu**ed. I presume Notes doesn't create backups of such things? Is there any way to back up in future to allow a fall back from problems like this?
Make sure that the path to your data directory is correct. Go to "File>Preferences>User Preferences" to check this. It should be "C:\DatabaseFiles\Notes\"

StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
I don't use that as my database path as I backup databases regularly and only want to backup the ones I'm working with and/or using so they are in a different location (see above) and my User preferences has that path.
I've redone my desktop now - it wan't so bad really - but am interested in saving myself from future problems. I've copied my new desktop5.dsk to a safe location - perhaps that's all I need.
That will work as long as you regularly create a backup of it. When Notes opens, the path that it looks for the Desktop5.dsk is the database path set up in preferences. That is where your "live" version of the file should be.

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
And don't worry about cache.dsk, it's meant to be recreated.  No harm in deleting it, although some databases may take longer to open the first time after you delete it...

Check your notes.ini (in the notes program directory) that it actually points to your 'custom' data directory!  It's the line

you'll need to check  - for you it should read C:\DatabaseFiles\Notes\ (at least, if ALL your databases are there)
Be carefull to remember the original value, though, so you can go back if it doesn't work :-)


Here's a GUESS as to what mighthave happened.

I assume that you meant that you use the Workspace as your Notes home page (start page), the Workspace being the old R4-style "chiclets" (grid of square database uicons with database tite below the icon).

In Notes 1,2,3, that file was named DESKTOP.DSK.  In R5, it is DESKTOP5.DSK.  In R6, it is Desktop6.ndk.

When R5 starts, the first thing it loks for is notes.ini.  The second is names.nsf.  The third is the desktop/workspace file, even if you never use it.

Here's how it finds the desktop.

First, it searches for the "current" version -- in R5, that would be desktop5.dsk. If it fails to find that, it next looks for the old version (desktop.dsk), and if it finds it, Notes "migrates" the old file to the new file.  (If it can't find any version at all, it creates a new blank one.)

So, did you by any chance end up with a desktop that was the same as you had it under R4?  That would indicate that Notes either didn't fine desktop5.dsk and found a desktop.dsk to migrate, or it found a corrupt desktop5.dsk, and once again, migrated.

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StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for the help. I suspect that qwaletee's explanation is probably correct, as it might well have been an R4 desktop that appeared. When I moved away everything to do with desktop, I did get a nearly blank workspace.

I've sorted it out by reopening my databases and sorting them all out by memory, then saving my desktop5.dsk. Tedious but not so bad.

As a matter of interest, I guess from your comment qualetee that you don't use Workspace with lots of icons sorted on pages as I do. I do this because when I first tried Notes 5 it looked clumbsy compared to R4.6. As I don't work with anyone using R5 (let alone R6), I've not seen anyone else use R5. Is there an improved way to manage lots of databases in R5? as the Databases tab just gives you a long list that I find inconvenient.
Comments welcome, but I'll do the points now.

Actually, I do use the old R4 workspace in R5.  You can use bookmarks instead, but I find that since I have so many icons, bookmarks sometimes becomes a probem organization and corruption).

Most users, who have at most about 20 icons, might be better served by the bookmarks.
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
Glad to know I'm not always the oddball   ;-)

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