Printing labels from C#

Microsoft word has the ability to create a document for printing labels, I would like a way to access this
from C#, my application stores the details of clients address etc so I want to be able to select a group
of clients from my application then hit a button "print labels" that will open up word populate each label
with the correct details and either print it or just leave word open so I can print it myself.
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Here an sample (I work with Word 8):

- first add as reference Word 8.0;
- second you have here an sample:

const int wdAutoPosition = 0;

Word.Application w = new Word.Application();

object isFalse = false;
object isTrue = true;
object Address = "delivery address";
object ReturnAddress = "return address";
object missing = System.Reflection.Missing.Value;
object position = wdAutoPosition;
object height = w.InchesToPoints((float)4.75);
object width = w.InchesToPoints(11);

w.Visible = false;

w.Documents.Add(ref missing,ref missing);

w.ActiveDocument.Envelope.PrintOut(ref isFalse,ref Address,ref missing,ref isFalse,
  ref ReturnAddress,ref missing,ref isFalse,ref isFalse,ref missing,ref height,ref width,ref missing,ref position,
  ref position,ref position,ref position,ref missing,ref missing);

w.Quit(ref isFalse,ref missing,ref missing);

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sorry, this sample is for envelope, for labels:

instead of that big line:

object Name = "2163 Mini";

w.Application.MailingLabel.DefaultPrintBarCode = false;
w.Application.MailingLabel.PrintOut(ref Name,ref Address,ref missing,ref missing,ref missing, ref missing,ref missing);
jkna_gunnAuthor Commented:
Hi, yes that would create the document but how would i populate each individual label with an address?
here in the var: object Address = "delivery address"; is stored the address;
and function w.Application.MailingLabel.PrintOut(...) print a label.

I just send to you a sample of how staff works, the syntax of MailingLabel usage is complex.
If you need more a suggestion:

- record macro in MS Word with what you want;
- translate in C# the code as you can see in my sample.
jkna_gunnAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not getting back earlier I have been away.
How do you translate a macro into C# code?
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