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I want to export some date from Delhpi in some forms in Acces
Give me some examples
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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developer

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Take a look at ADO pallete in Delphi 5 or above, you will find useful and easy to understand components to connect to any DBMS that supports ODBC. I don't know how experienced with DB you are, but would be useful to take a look at this tutorial:

A Beginner's Guide to Delphi Database Programming
"Free online database programming course for beginner Delphi developers. Focus on ADO techniques"

I concur with my associates - check out the ADO pallette.

Perhaps i was not very clear.
Sorry for that.
So i have Borland Delphi 7 without QuickReport.
What i want is to export some data base records in some Reports In MS Acces.
I want some examples or some sites to visit.
Thanks a lot.
p.s. Also, I need some examples how to make the connection between Delphi and MS Acces
The easy way to accomplish this is by writing your report in the Access GUI and storing it.

If you want to address the report from Delphi, then you need to instantiate a connection to the database, and from that to the report object.

  JetEngine: Variant;
  db: Variant;
  report: variant;

    JetEngine := CreateOleObject( 'DAO.DBEngine' );
    JetDatabase := JetEngine.OpenDatabase ('myAccessDatabaseName');
    report := JetDatabase.reports["myReportName"]

All of the remaining information you need should be in the Access online help.  It will be expressed in VB, but the conversion to object pascal is trivial.

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