Modem problems

Having just upgraded to 2k, and ignored the advice given by 2k beforehand about uninstalling things first, I now have a problem with my Modem.

I'm trying to remove it from the hardware, so I can reinstall it, but each time I press remove, it reboots my machine - and when it comes back up, it's still there!

Any ideas?

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open your computer and remove the modem, then reboot it. That will remove the modem. You can try installing it again but use a different PCI slot, that should force it to look for a new driver which it probably will not have, so you may need to abtain this driver... try and serch for the make and model there. To download the username and password is Username: drivers  Password: all

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Whenever Win2k reboots, it looks for a new hardware and adds it to the device list. When you remove the modem,
windows restarts the computer and recognizes it again, and that's why you see it after rebooting.

Why do you want to remove the modem? Is it because windows can't use it?
If so, you should look for apropriate driver. If you have a branded modem than look at its website, if you have a no-name model, the best way is to open your pc, and look at the chip on the modem (there are 2 or 3 makers of modems that you will probably see one of), then you can go to the website of the chip maker and download an appropriate driver.
MorFFAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input folks,

yronnen, Thanks, it sounds like this explains what is happening *after* reboot, but why would it immediately reboot when I click 'delete'?.

I want to remove the modem because, even tho' W2k says it is working in the Device Manager, it aint.  When I ask it to 'Query Modem' it says it's not working.  I thought 'delete it and start again by detect and install', little did I know...

chaddupuis, I'm thinking this option is a good one, although it involves dragging the old screwdriver out.
I'll try it out.

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It should work, but maybe try to update the driver instead of removing it first. If that fails drag out Mr. Trusty Phillips Head.
Rob StoneCommented:
When you click on remove your machine shouldn't reboot without prompting you.  If it is then its not removing it correctly.  Try removing it from safe mode.

If its not querying it then its a driver issue like the EE's said above.
MorFFAuthor Commented:
Tried again to delete the device/update the driver etc, to no avail.
Mr Phillips-Head did the trick.

Thanks to all whao contributed.

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