maxium upload speed to IIS

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hi, anyone knows whats the maximum speed that a page can upload to a IIS server?
isit 100k/s?
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there isn't a maximum speed as such. it's just what the bottle neck is.
Network speed, or processor speed or available RAM or whatever.

Why do you want to know?


well in my school, we use the inetpub to transfer file.

so i came upon this site and decide to try this...

unforunatly, to what i have not expected the upload is terriblely slow compared to a download from a IIS server.

perphaps the uploads sends into the IIS server? course we tried uploading sizes of about 40 mb and it takes ages (timeout and max size properties has been changed alreadY)

OK, that is a pure script upload I guess. That's usually veru slow because of string-to-byte conversion.

If you want a pure-script upload with fast conversion, use this one:
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Your Upload speed will almost always be much slower than your download speed. Unless your running somethign like DSL where your download/upload speed is roughly the same. Sounds like you maybe running a 56K dial up connection if it takes that long to send a 40Mb file.



thanks sybe for the link,
however i tried it but its seems till slow...

my schools uses P4 2+Ghz PCs, 512 Ram, 100Mb Ethernet...

I cant see why it should be slow, except perphaps limitation in http text form uploads
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