is the radeon 9100 xstasy video card pci 64mb compatible with ati all in wonder 8500dv?

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I am trying to instal the xstasy 9100 pci as a second video card to drive a second crt monitor. at the end of the installation process while direct x9 is being installed i get the error, the instruction at 0x772200e4 referenced memory at0x001632c8 the memory could not be read. then my machine would give an error message and go into safe mode on reboot. I tried uninstalling the 9100 drivers to no avail. had to do system restore. tech support at visiontek said card was not compatible or that I might need special drivers. Tiger direct where i bought the card said it is compatible. they both use the radeon core and hydravision software.
Any advice will be apreciated.

My system,
Athlon xp2400 cpu
Gigabyte GA-7vaxp mb with promise onboard raid controller
kingston value ram 512ddr pc3200 400mhz
dual 80gig maxtor hd's 7200rpm ata 133 raid 0
artec 16X DVD-ROM
cyberdrive 40X16X48 CDRW
ati all in wonder 8500dv video card
Nokia 21" 445Xpro Monitor
antec 430 watt true power ps
ahanix platinum xp steel case
windows xp home

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1) I would get the latest drivers for both cards.

2) Check the radeon site for compatability.

3) Try using original Radeon drivers rather than 3rd party if possible.

4) Check that your RAM is OK, use a RAM test like

MS RAM tester RAM Diag.

  CPU speed test CPU type   Side bus speed  FSB front side bus                                                                    

RAM test RAM diagnostics for testing RAM using a boot disk.
               goto this page:
               and download the file on the link:
               ctRAMtst - Hauptspeichertest, Version 5.1

               or download directly:

I hope this helps.

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