LCD Screen stays gray

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I just bought a laptop and the warranty of 14 days has expired.  Because when i bought it, it didnt have a psu i didnt manage to test it. I bought a psu a 20 days after the warranty.

Now i see that the screen stays gray when i turn on the computer but works fine with an external monitor. Can someone tell me if this is a problem i can fix?  

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Networking Engineer
The problem is unlikely to be fixed....
Maybe, if you have electronics skills and a good notebook knowledge you could, but as I said, it's unlikely.
You bought a failing LCD.
Take it to a specialized repair shop and see if it can be fixed. I doubt it.
Sorry for bad news my friend.

Kronos - bad news guy
Still some HOPE!!

Laptops often have a function where by you can choose between an External Monitor, OR the Internal Screen, (or Both).
It may be possible that the Laptop is still in 'External Monitor only' mode, in which case you need to find out which keys you can use to change to 'Internal', or 'Both'.
This is usualy two keys on the keyboard, like 'function' + a key with a picture of a screen on it maybe.

Hope this is your problem cured, and all is well?!

Good luck,
If the problem IS a defective or failed LCD (which is possible here) you can often get them repaired.  I've had excellent results and service from
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Check BIOS settings (using an external monitor) for boot-up default setting for display. If set to
use external by default you'll get nothing on laptop screen.
I have heard in the past where new laptops have bad internal connections, this is what you can do..........

 press firmly on to the top of the keyboard (above the function (F) keys). This is where the connection from the MoBo to the screen is, also press hard on the keys to push in components that may not be seated in properly.

Adrian DobrotaNetworking Engineer

Yorgie........please spare a moment and come back here to Experts-Exchange. We'd like to know if our answers helped you or not. If some answer helped you, please accept that as correct (or split points among experts that you consider helped you)  in order to reward the expert(s) and close the question. Also, if it's not too difficult, please make a brief of problem and solution. That will help others solve similar problems just doing a google search.
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Finally they did accept to get the laptop back for repair.  The comments you already made were familiar to me. So I will split the points for everyone

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