Samba and Redhat 9.0

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I am having trouble getting windows machines on a LAN to see the Linux box.  I have edited the smb.conf file, the smbusers and smbpasswd files, and have granted the permissions necessary; however, there is not connection.  Windows can see the box, but not connect to it.  The GUI interface for Samba will not start either.  I suspect there is a bug somewhere, but I am not sure.  Any help would be appreciated.
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do u have a DC in your net?  Which versions of MS Win do you have on boxes in your lan?
What error message you are recieving while trying to connect to samba's share? Give us more info.
1st.Check from linux box:
smbclient -L <your box name or ip address>
paste output here.
2nd.please paste smb.conf here.

more. Do you have firewall running on Linux box?
try to issue 'service iptables stop' or '/etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables stop' from linux shell (logged as root)
then try to connect to linux box's shares from windows box.


I will post later this evening.  The other computers (2 with windowsXP and one with Windows2000).  The error message is:

The network resource windows is trying to connect to is unavailable...etc

and sometimes

You do not have permission to connect to this device...etc

I am the sole user on the machines, so I am the ONLY person that has permission.

I will post the other information when I get home.


this did it!!!  'service iptables stop'

do I have to do this each time I boot?

run from linux shell (logged as root)
choose "System Services", then unmark iptables in the list.
This will disable  firewall running on linux box's startup.
But, if you need firewall on your box, you should add iptables rules, allowing smb/nmb traffic.

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