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When I delete the internet history items using the WinInet calls (FindFirstUrlCacheEntry DeleteUrlCacheEntry), even though the calls succeed, and the items can no longer be accessed programmatically from the list, they still appear in the users' History pane in Explorer.

How do I get and delete the entries in the History pane in Explorer to go away programatically? (Win2K SP2, IE6, IE5)
(It is not possible to delete the file index.dat in ..local setting/history. UnlockUrlCacheEntryFile doesn't work.)

Thank you for your answer!
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check out and use the component... the methods DeleteEntries and ClearHistory are there :)


Hello DragonSlayer,

it works! Do you know why the WinInet solution doesn't work? (I found a lot of postings that DeleteUrlCacheEntry don't delete todays URL cache.)

Umm... dunno why DeleteURLCacheEntry doesn't work, coz I never use it anyway... the site has a lot of tips & tricks that *work* so I don't bother trying others that don't :)))


You got the points.
I prefer WinAPI function rather than ActiveX (euromind used ActiveX). Thats why I asked for the WinInet API function DeleteUrlCacheEntry.
ummm... COM, more like it :)

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