Drive A content doesn't change even if i change the floppy! ! !

have an Intel pentium 4 CPU 2 GHz with 512 KB cash memory, 850MV intel motherboars, 512 MB RD-RAM Samsung, Radeon 7500 all in wonder, Sony DVD, ASUS CD-RW and finaly 80 GB westerndigital hard disk drive.

the problem is that when I use windows explorer and open drive A, I see the contents of the floppy which is in the drive. If I change the floppy disk, I can't access the newly inserted disk, because what I see is the content of the old floppy, if I keep refreshing the window, it still show the contents of the old floppy.

This problem happens with all windows; 9x, XP, win 2000 and even windows 2003 server. but doesn't happen with DOS!!

I tried another Floppy disk drive on my machine and tried my Floppy disk drive on another computer and I discovered that the problem is in my PC ! ! !

plsease help me here, I'm stuck, if I want to copy a couple of floppies then I've to restart :(
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I suspect the problem lies in the BIOS(CMOS) settings or you have a  Faulty FDC (Floppy Disk Controller) on your Mother Board.

Try disabling the FDC and all associated Floppy drive sections in the BIOS, saving settigns. Re-boot, go back into the BIOS and re-enable the FDC and all associated Floppy drive sections, not forgetting to select 1.44 3.5inch(which I hope it is).

I guess you also tested the Floppy drive cable too? Worth trying, incase one line is broken, and causing a silly fault.

If this dosn't cure it, then maybe its a faulty FDC on the motherboard.
Hopefully the MB is under warrenty? If not a cheap PCI FDC board might be a cheap fix alternative.

Good luck,


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If it works OK in DOS the hardware may be OK, but you may have a driver issue. Check the above suggestions
and also remove FDD and controller from device manager and let windoze re-detect the hardware. Might help.
dr_dedoAuthor Commented:
The problem was the cable. a line was nbroken and it was getting me nuts. thanks gos it is not the mobo
Cool, glad you fixed it.
Damn ribbon cables, do this occationaly!!!

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