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The following code:

Class Fred

        Fred f;
        cout<<sizeof( f );

Result : 1

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The C++ standard states that the minimum size for any class that can be instantiated (i.e. non-abstract class) is 1 byte, so compilers allocate 1 byte of space for it.
Just to clarify, 1 byte is allocated at the bottom level of the hierarchy.  If you have an empty class inherit from an empty class, it will still only allocate 1 byte (not 1 byte for each level).  I hope this helps.

You can find "Empty Classes" document in MSDN.

Some part mentioning here...

You can declare empty classes, but objects of such types still have nonzero size. The following example illustrates this:

#include <iostream.h>

class NoMembers

void main()
   NoMembers n;  // Object of type NoMembers.

   cout << "The size of an object of empty class is: "
        << sizeof n << endl;

This is the output of the preceding program:

The size of an object of empty class is: 1.

The memory allocated for such objects is of nonzero size; therefore, the objects have different addresses. Having different addresses makes it possible to compare pointers to objects for identity. Also, in arrays, each member array must have a distinct address.

Microsoft Specific

An empty base class typically contributes zero bytes to the size of a derived class.

END Microsoft Specific


Also find a document named "sizeof Operator" that also giving specification about that.

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As a final note, the main reason for this is that no two objects can share the same
address (from the C++ standard). This forces all objects to have a non-zero size
so that you can allocate an array of empty objects and each one has a unique
address. It's just an implementation reality and an edge case in the standard.

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