PC Chips M810LR VGA driver

Had help from here last week to figure out what graphics card my computer needed to help me get it running in 256 colour instead of 16. The driver needed is for a PCChips M810LR.

I found the download on driversguide.com ( 1810w98.zip)  but when I try to install it I just get an error message that the computer cannot find the file win9x\adv01w9x.dll and to insert disk 2. Other seem to have had prob with this too judging by the comments section but have got no response from them. Does anyone knpow where I can get this file from
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you might have to chave directories to get to disk 2, often times many people copy disk 2 into a folder called disk 2....look into that.  a search on driver guide yielded 220 results..try downloading a different file.


At the same time, you might want to look into getting a new video card because it sounds like yours is ancient
karenlisamAuthor Commented:
but the directories download don't mention a disk two. Is it not more to do with the missing file. If so , where do I get it from
Do a web search for the file and install it on windows\system, the install your driver. or go to http://www.pcchips.com.tw/vgadriver.html#VGA%20w95%20w98
under AGP VxD driver
is the link to download the driver

**Please note M755LR\M756LRT\M757LR\M758LR+\M810LR\M812\M841L\M935L\M935LU these VGA file are for web site download (small file size), so you have to setup the original CD file first.
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alright then, download a different driver file
karenlisamAuthor Commented:
hi xema , what does set up the the original cd file first mean ? ( sorry - not very good at anything techie!!)
the cd that came with your graphics card
karenlisamAuthor Commented:
I have tried to download from this site before but I can never get it to connect to the ftp server so just end up with a dead end again
Try selecting the file, right click and "Save site as" or something like that, I'm using the spanish version of windows XP "Guardar sitio como"  that will give you the oportunity to save the file where you want.

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Are you still looking for this driver? If you are I can send you a copy as I have the same mobo.
Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
Why don't you get it from the source - Intel?

The driver for intel 810 chipsets / Win98 is here:

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