windows 2000 Routing Problem

Dear freinds

Please Help my out from this trouble

I have 3 network in 3 diff company for example

my company A has network
my company B has network
my company C has network

And my Compnay A(  is connected with company B(  fixed

Telephone line. ROuter connect Compnay A(  to Compnay

B(  and Router Connect compnay B(  to

compnay A( ..

And i have VIrtual network in Compnay A( which connects Copmany

C( throught only Virtual Private networks.. SO MY company A

connects with compnay C(  via VPN and it works.

BUt my Compnay B( can't connect to MY Compnay C( BCZ

my company B( must connect My company C(  via company

A( And i have add all static route neccassary but it wont work...

plz help me out
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What routers, firewalls are you using? I think the problem is the vpn connection. You need to make sure that traffic from B is permitted to use the vpn link. As it stands you'll probably find that the only traffic permitted to go over the vpn is and

If you let me know what equipment you're using I can help firther is necessary.

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>> Where did you put the static routes? <<

.80. <-- Internet/VPN --> .60. <--> Private Line <--> .70.

Routes on router
route (assuming .1 is your Internet gateway)
route (assuming .2 is your VPN appliance connecting A to C)
route (route to B)

Routes on router
route (assuming Company B has no Internet gateway, and piggybacks A)

-- otherwise

Routes on router
route (assuming .1 is your Internet gateway)

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