after calling javascript open.window, cursor remains as an eggtimer


when I open a new window with a procedure like this:

writeln('<a href="javascript:jsVOpen('+Chr(39)+MkVLink+Chr(39)+')">Plus Berechnung</a>')

function jsVOpen(aURL) {
  aMode="status=no, resizable=yes, scrollbars=no, width=430, height=500, left=20, top=20";
  aTitle="Plus";, aTitle, aMode);

In the new opened window is this function:


The problem is that the Cursor at the calling Window remains as an eggtimer.

Any Idea?

Thanks in advance,
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duke, +Chr(39)+MkVLink+Chr(39)+

is that the URL that you are trying to open?  are those variables?

if MkVLink is a variable you will need to do it like this

writeln("<a href='javascript:jsVOpen('Chr(39)" + MkVLink + "Chr(39)')>Plus Berechnung</a>")

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hey duke63,
writeln('<a href="javascript:jsVOpen('+Chr(39)+MkVLink+Chr(39)+')">Plus Berechnung</a>')

why not
document.write('<a href="javascript:jsVOpen(\''+MkVLink+'\')">Plus Berechnung</a>')

and what has new window? Maybe there is problem.
duke63Author Commented:
Hi Bustaroomes, hi devic,

thanks for your quick suggestions.
The problem dissapeared independently.
I tried the page today and there is no eggtimer anymore.
(There was a reboot in the night, maybe that helped)
I heard of that problem before, thats why I thought it is caused by some unpropper coding or so.

Actually, it doesnt look like.

Thanks anyway.

What am I going to do with that question?


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