How to add and subtract one second from a timestamp column - Sybase ASE 12.5

Hello Experts!!!
I would like to know if there is a way to add and subtract 1 second from a timestamp?  The results will be used in where clause to provide the upper and lower limits for a between... something like what you see below... which of course does not work:

select table2.char_column1, table2.timestamp_column2 from table1, table2 where table1.char_column = table2.char_column and table2.timestamp_column2 between dateadd(ss,-1,table1.timestamp_column2) and dateadd(ss,1,table1.timestamp_column2)

I need to use a timestamp range as a condition in the where clause to retrieve a specific row in table2.  The code above simply returns all of the rows from the second table. :(  

If someone can provide me with the correct syntax and a brief explanation as to why this code above does not work, I would appreciate it.  

Thank you all for your time...

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I presume the timestamp field in both tables is defined as datetime, and that table1.char_column & table2.char_column are a PK/FK pair? I've tried the same query on my installation  (Syb11.9.2) and it looks good. Can you show a subset of data from each table, with examples of which rows you want to see/filter?
gbclapsAuthor Commented:
The first table has the following row
 cusip     timestamp
 --------- --------------------------
 43233ACA2        Aug 27 2003  9:55AM

The second table contains the following rows...

 cusip     timestamp
 --------- --------------------------
 43233ACA2        Aug 13 2003  3:07PM
 43233ACA2        Aug 22 2003 11:54AM
 43233ACA2        Aug 22 2003 12:20PM
 43233ACA2        Aug 22 2003 12:21PM
 43233ACA2        Aug 25 2003 10:02AM
 43233ACA2        Aug 26 2003  9:11AM
 43233ACA2        Aug 27 2003  9:15AM
 43233ACA2        Aug 27 2003  9:55AM

The trick is that I must pick up the closest row from the second table that matches.  The logging process always posts within under a second... so I thought I should be able to put in a range of 2 seconds to ensure that I retrieve what I need.  My query returns all of the rows in table 2 when I really want just this one:

 cusip     timestamp
 --------- --------------------------
 43233ACA2        Aug 27 2003  9:55AM

Thanks.... :)
I know this doesn't answer the question, but what happens if you do
select <blah>
where <blah>
and abs(datediff(ms, table1.timestamp, table2.timestamp)) < 1000  ?

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