Deleting specific line from file

Hail and well met,

I've been busy with files lately and since I am fairly new to the concept of reading and writing files I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to delete a specific line from a file.

for example a txt file is filled with


Now I would like to delete line cccccccccccccc so that I end up with


so far I managed to use seek functions to determine the end and the beginning of the line and I can easily overwrite it with  blank spaces. But I don't want a blank line in my file and I furthermore don't want to read the entire file into a buffer and then write it back once I am done deleting (since my file is... big)

This is what I have so far (minus some redundant code):

while (fileLoader.ReadString(strLine)){
if (strLine == CurrentMess){ // currentmess is known
      FilePos = fileLoader.GetPosition(); // retrieve position
      FilePos -= FileOffset+2; // file offset is the length of currentmess
      fileLoader.Seek(FilePos, CFile::begin); // go to beginning of deletable line
      for (int index = 0; index != FileOffset;index++)
                      fileLoader.Write(" ",1); // overwrite with spaces

never mind the syntax I deleted some junk from it probably causing it to not compile anymore.

Either way rather than just overwriting the line with blanks I'd rather remove the entire line (including \n)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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There are probably some tricky ways of doing what you want, but I don't
think they would be better than just creating a new file, esp. if you want
your program to be system independent.
CaptainIAuthor Commented:
Yeah I have been poking around at it for a few hours now and I guess it is easier to make a new file. If anyone could give me a hint on how it would be done without creating a new file I'd appreciate it, now I just plain want to know hehe.

If someone manages to provide me with a decent indication I'll drop the 50 points on that person otherwise I'll just attempt to claim them back.

PAQed, with points refunded (50)

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