Calling a process to run indefinitely from ASP

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I want to call a process to run from ASP (on IIS) to run indefinitely.  I originally wanted to make a DLL or something, but decided I probably would need a container for it, so that won't work.  I figure I'm probably going to have to create an application to run IDLE on bootup and then use a custom DLL to access that object from an ASP script.

Or is there a better way to do this?

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Can you give some more information on the process that this program will be performing?


It will be used to initiate encoding of a tv capture card with windows media encoder 9.

I've written an application that will start the encoder with the click of a button -- took all of five lines to turn it on.

Anything else?
Create an executable that you can simply shell from your ASP page.


But I want to be able to make some changes to the process as it runs -- like change the channel.  So I can't shell it out everytime.
You can do that through messaging/command line parameters.  To keep only one instance, use:

If App.PrevInstance = True Then
    'call some method to pass command line to existing instance
    'call normal loading method to start process
End if

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