Getting a List of workgroups and their computers!

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My company is movng to Active Directory and we are converting every Win2K desktop to the Domain, but I will like to get a list of all workgroups and their computers so I know who I missed to join to the domain.  Thanks!
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there are a couple of ways to do this, (this asums the computer is on the lan and turned on)
you can brows your network neiborhood (asuming your AD domain is diffrent then your NT4 domain)
 you can use a network scanner like Languard, or Flukes network inspector, to get the machines Domain membership (this asues you do not have the 2k machines set to ResAnomous in the local policy)


I downloaded Languard, I don't think this is what I am looking for.  I just want a simple program that lists every workgroup and their computers, so I can tell which computers have not been upgraded to the domain.

I use this once in a while here, this one will do every thing for you, you get a 30 day or 15 day trial.
this will give you every PC on your LAN, configure the alerts to alert you if the pc is in a diffrent domain, it creates an access database and you can see which pc are in diffrent domains if they are on your LAN, will alert you if other PC come on the lan, and will tell you if the PC changes domain. This is the best software and is compaired to Open View. It retails for $9000 so get as much use out of the trial as you can
 hope this helps

You could try net view /domain.  Does it list your workgroups?  If so, you could then try a net view /domain:workgroup for each workgroup that the first net view command lists.  I'm on a single domain so I can't test it out.

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