Oracle Client and Windows XP

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Can anyone tell me which is the earliest release of Oracle client which is fully compatable with a laptop running Windows XP?  We currently run Oracle 8i release 2 (8.1.6) which I've been told is not compatable.
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Only Oracle9i Client and later is certified by Oracle for Windows XP.

(Read this very carefully, you can only make a mistake once ;-) )
It may be possible to run older versions perfectly well (I still have an Oracle7 Client running on Windows2000 Professional), but there's no guarantee from Oracle that your database will not be corrupted.

Best of luck.
Certify - Certification Matrix: Oracle Server - Client on Microsoft Windows XP


Server Certifications
OS Product       Certified  Version Status      Addtl.  Components Other Install
                         With                                    Info.                                   Issue
XP 9.2 64-bit     N/A         N/A       Certified   Yes      None           None None
XP 9.2               N/A         N/A       Certified   Yes      None           None None
XP 9.0.1            N/A         N/A       Certified   Yes      None           None None
XP 8.1.7 (8i)      N/A         N/A       Certified   Yes      None           None None

Oracle Components Certified on Windows XP
Only the client components from the or higher patch set for Oracle8i Server for Windows are certified on the 32-bit version of Windows XP Professional Edition. Table 1 lists these client components. Releases prior to the patch set for Oracle8i Server for Windows are not certified on Windows XP.

Table 1 Oracle Client Components Certified on Windows XP  
Component Release
Net8 Client, includes:

Net8 Configuration Assistant

Oracle Protocol Support or higher
Oracle Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Drivers or higher
Oracle Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) DriverFoot 1 or higher
Oracle Provider for OLE DBFoot 1 or higher
Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O)Foot 1 or higher
Oracle Call Interface (OCI) or higher
Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server (OraMTS)Foot 1 or higher
Pro*C/C++Foot 2 or higher
SQL*Plus or higher
SQL*Loader or higher
Export/Import or higher
1 These components require additional patches and installations. To install these components, refer to Task 4 for details. Only install these components after you have completed Task 1 through Task 3.

2 This component is available in PATCH SET FOR ORACLE DATA SERVER.
my experience: 8.1.7. runs on my notebook (PIII-M, 1000 Mhz, 512 MB RAM)  with xp home(!)  for more than one year without any problems(database, designer 6i, forms builder 6i).

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