Launching external .exes, .html pages and other flash movies from a flash movie.. how?

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Hi there.

I'm a very inexperienced flash developer with a problem! I have a flash movie that I've made, and I would like it to call both external .html pages, an external .exe file and another flash movie from the main movie when buttons are pressed.

If I embed my main movie in a webpage and use getURL I can open the new .html pages, but have no clue how to open the external .exe file (a small program). I have not tried to open the other movie yet.

If I make my movie into an .exe and try to open the .html pages, crazy stuff happens like recursive blank Explorer windows opening. And I still have no idea how to launch the .exe or second movie.

Ideally I would like both movies to be .exe files. Then the main file could be launched by double-clicking it, and the .html pages opened in the user's browser when buttons are clicked in the movie. The external program .exe could also be launched from the main movie, as could the second flash movie.

If anyone can help me with the functions used to do these things it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much for the help, and sorry if these questions are lame. ;)
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hello jpinsa,

i think "fscomand"  will help u a lot solve ur problem

ex:  fscommand("exec", "myexec.exe");

take a look at these links:

you cannot run an .exe online...

it is that simple...  the only thing that will happen is a prompt to have the .exe downloaded...

you can only launch a .exe using fscommand with a stane alone Projector file.

If you need to do that, then the comments posted by kanary will help you...


In Flash MX, they have disabled the ability to launch external .exe files. The only way to do so is by putting those files in a subdirectory of your projector file. The subdirectory must be named fscommand. Here is a link to the information:

Here is the essential exerpt============


The exec command is used to launch an external application.  In Macromedia Flash MX the external application must be in a subfolder named 'fscommand'. This subfolder must be in the same directory as the projector which uses the fscommand action. This security restriction helps prevent malicious use of the exec option.

(skip some lines)

Note: exec is not capable of opening a specific file with an application, just the application itself. One way to open files is to use exec to launch a Windows batch (BAT) file or Macintosh AppleScript file that then opens files in the desired application. A third-party tool that can open specific files on Windows without using batch files is available from Flashjester.


Rascal is correct that you cannot launch .exe files from the internet, this is due to security issues.

please come back and comment or close out the question.



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